Energy bars: SIS and Clif Comparison

Energy bars are seen from professional events to the local amateur weekly events. And everywhere companies are making new ones better than before etc. But if it doesn’t taste nice they probably aren’t going to sell. You may have seen us recommend some of these products in our 5 top tips for race nutrition. How […]

NUUN Active Hydration Tablets Review

Staying hydrated doing any sport is very very important when you’re out riding. But water doesn’t just cut it anymore, as we touched upon in our blog about fuelling your long ride. When we sweat we lose a lot more than just water, given the general name of electrolytes these are used in your bodies […]

How to Fuel your Long Ride

When you’ve signed up for your first big event, and you’re beginning to get the training in it’s easy to overlook nutrition. Preparing your bike & gear can be at the forefront of the mind, and nutrition takes a back seat. In this article we’ll give you all the information you need to get round […]