Catlike Whisper Road Cycling Helmet Review

Catlike’s Whisper helmet has split the cycling world in two with its bold design. Catlike who make their helmets out in Spain, it will come as no surprise that the Whispers selling point is ventilation. Worn by many of the Movistar team, these helmets are clearly doing something right.

Perforated with some 39 vents, with the largest to the rear means serious cooling takes place. The Dual flow design allows large amounts of air to move in, cooling your head along the internal channels, and out the back through the helmets exhaust. This is allowing a constant airflow through the helmet.

Whilst 39 vents seems an excessive amount there is more to them than just the cooling benefit. The CES (crash energy splitter) design is unique to Catlike. The 39 vents have been strategically positioned, not just for air intake. But to split the energy of a crash over the entire helmet so the impact point isn’t just the initial point of contact but more nerves of the helmet. This honey comb like structure is built in through the entire helmet meaning the helmet’s safety is significantly increased.

Catlike also include an LCP (lateral roll cage in polyamide), this adds resistance and stiffness to the helmets shell. helping to keep the helmet in one piece after impact it also adds to the safety provided. The rear of the Whisper stretches down the back of your head protecting the lower nape.

As fast and stylish as helmets are they aren’t much use if the fit is terrible. With the Whisper, it has a Multi positioning system. This makes the helmet very adjustable to fit all head types. The helmet has wings on the side which temporal area of the fit helping the helmet to adapt to all head shapes, these wings can be removed if you have a particular round head.

The light weight dial system allows you to adjust tightness and can be achieved on the fly. There is also a rear adjustment for the two supports allowing you to really achieve the ideal position removing any unwanted pressure on the vertebra. The height of the helmet can also be adjusted making this single fitting system have 4 adjustable sections.

We’ve all had helmets that after a few hot days beginning to smell like your old gym bag. With more and more helmets having removable pads for washing away the smell it comes as no surprise that Catlike have decided to try and one up this. Their “Thermy-Tex” pads are thin, light weight and provide a surprising amount of comfort.  Thermy-Tex is a permanent antibacterial and super absorbent treatment that interrupts the development and reproduction of bacteria. It stops the formation of odours and absorbs the sweat quickly.

Once you get used to the bold styling the only real problem found with this helmet is its incredible ability to catch buzzing insects. It does also make a little wind noise when riding but doesn’t distract you from the insects you’re catching. Catlike do sell anti insect nets for the Whisper although we hope that’s an unlikely need & keep our fingers crossed for any flying obstacles avoiding the helmet. Along with a number of adjustments available in the fit once this is dealt with you rarely need to go back and adjust the helmet again.

This helmet is excellent for hot headed riders, of the temperature kind, who always like more and more ventilation. Whilst it has split staff at the Cyclestore over the looks with loads of colouring styles you can get one to match any of your kit choices. The fit is highly tuneable and after fiddling forever you will find the perfect fit that’s comfortable. With the only real downside being the controversial looks this helmet either makes a great purchase or inspiration to be at the front so you don’t have to see it.

  • 87%
    Aesthetic - 87%
  • 82%
    Speed - 82%
  • 84%
    Safety - 84%
  • 85%
    Weight - 85%

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