Endura Masai Light Reactive Photochromic Glasses


Endura are no strangers to making high quality apparel and accessories through both the road and MTB world. Kitting out some of the worlds best in all disciplines allows them to consistently be at the cutting edge of design and innovation. Branching out and constantly trying new things, we were excited to have a closer look at the technology used in the Endura Masai Light Reactive Photochromic Glasses.

The Features:

The Endura Masai glasses are great fitting and can be bought with prescription insert compatibility should you need to add it in, welcome news for anyone that wears glasses. Though these are sold separately. The photochromic lenses deliver 100% UV protection and will adapt to the varying light levels to offer the right protection plus the orange tint will boost contrast in cloudy, flat light. The lenses have an anti-fog treatment to reduce misting up when you stop and start and they’re also vented so they’ll clear quicker if any mist does build up.


The fit is secure and comfortable with rubber temple and nose pieces supporting a lightweight TR90 frame. Supplied complete with hard case and soft wipe microfibre carry pouch. 

The Ride:

Whether you’re riding into the low winter sun, or out in the lighter condition of the continent, reactive lenses could be just the ticket. Allowing you to see clearly in the darker conditions such as morning or evening light, but offering you the protection you need when you’re riding into it. And the Endura Masai offer exactly what they say on the tin. 


On winter days these glasses offered the perfect balance of reactivity to the light, though they were a little on the drafty side. It was hard to notice the change in colour of the lenses unless it was a dramatic or sudden shift. The glasses offer great visibility in low light keeping vision crisp and clear.

Letting enough air in to avoid the glasses steaming up, whilst keeping enough air out to not dry your eyes is a difficult balance to strike. And unfortunately we found them to let a little too much cold air down the back. The Endura Masai wicked fog away swiftly as claimed by Endura, though when the rain picked up another set of issues arose. The Endura Masai in the rain with a lot of water gathering on the lenses, both inside and out. It seems to gather around the edges of the glasses and struggle to drop off, meaning we had more visibility with the glasses tucked neatly behind our helmet.

The glasses were rigid and well built, we didn’t find them flimsy or soft. They felt durable and the arms were tough despite being light weight. A lot of this could be down to the design and engineering the Endura Masai using a double bridge to keep them locked in place. 



The Endura Masai glasses do exactly what we asked of them, though they struggled in the rain and cold weather. Reactive lenses with a definite anti mist feature, the Endura Masai are great for riding in variable light conditions. Not ideal for when the weather takes a turn, though a definite bargain for any cyclist or commuter looking to keep out any unexpected flying objects. 


  • 82%
    Performance - 82%
  • 94%
    Value - 94%
  • 92%
    Durability - 92%
  • 81%
    Aesthetic - 81%