Road Bike vs Triathlon Bike

It’s that time of year when maybe you’ve just entered your first triathlon and you’re not quite sure what bike you should be riding. Or maybe you’ve done a few, and you’re wondering whether you should be riding a normal road bike with some clip on aero bars or a triathlon bike. In this article […]

How to Stay Hydrated on The Bike

Whether you’re training or racing, hydration is key to performance. Ensuring that you’re not wasting valuable time on the bike by dehydrating your body will lead to optimum results. Cramp, sickness, dizziness, a lack of power, can all be a cause of dehydration. Being hydrated is fundamental for your brain and muscles to work at […]

How to Pace a Sportive – 8 Top Tips.

The season is coming around fast, hopefully training is going well but you’re probably anxious about the upcoming Sportive. We’ve outlined a few top tips to pace your ride to get you round in the fastest time possible. It’s no secret that if you start flat out, try & sit on the front group for […]

Best Fitness Improvements You Can Buy

It’s that time of year when training ramps up because the summer events are just around the corner. We’ve put together a list of things you can buy to really help your training and point you in the right direction and get you that extra fitness. The best way to improve your performance is to […]

Why You Should Train with Power

Ever since power was introduced nearly 30 years ago by SRM they’ve completely shaped and changed the cycling world. As they become more accessible to the regular cyclist, a varied set of training software platforms can analyze and advise your data to give you a very high level insight to your body. To be blunt, […]

Using Caffeine to Boost Cycling Performance

There’s a reason that caffeine has been on the WADA monitored substance list for many years. Though it would be impossible to ban the mainstream drug, it’s effects are evident. There are plenty of myths floating around involving your morning coffee. Some people can’t live without it, but a lot of top athletes won’t touch […]