One Simple Way to Improve Your Riding

Simply put: practice. We’ve all heard the age old cliche practice makes perfect. But there’s method to the madness. A very quick fix to improve your riding is to create a small, sharp, technical loop & run it over and over. By honing your skills on a practice loop or skills run, you’ll be able […]

What to do if you have a Cycling Crash.

Hopefully we’ll all stay safe this winter, although at any time of year collisions can occur. Hitting another cyclist, motorist or even just falling off, a crash can happen to anyone. If you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and find yourself in a cycling accident, we’ve provided some top […]

Tips to Buy Budget Bikes Under £500

For the majority of us we’ll never be in a position to buy a brand new, top end, £5000 bike year on year. Although admittedly most people probably wouldn’t get chance to do it justice, even if they did buy it. Often budgets are reduced and maybe you’re looking for a cheap winter run around. […]

Get a Grip on Tricky Corners

On any ride cornering is often one of the trickiest skills. It’s where most people will come unstuck and end up crashing or falling off. Hopefully with these top tips you’ll be able to handle the bike much better through the corners & keep yourself out of trouble. Making sure you stay smooth & relaxed […]

Top Trail Centre Skills

Weather you’re coasting around up near Ben Nevis, of knocking about on the south coast, trail centres require a unique and different skill set. Sure you’re still out on two wheels coming down trails, but they’re slightly different to natural riding. You may have seen our video of us at Gisburn Trail centre – so […]

Osteopathy for Cyclists – Can it Help?

Dave Heath graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 1983 and subsequently completed a psychotherapy training to further his understanding of mind-body connections and the complexity of pain. Dave is a keen mountain bike rider and has worked with elite downhill and enduro riders. We’re thrilled to have Dave writing articles for us using […]