Altura Nightvision Cyclone Jacket Review


Fresh form the Altura brand, the nightvision range has seen a number of updates to move into the 2019 season. With the days drawing in and weather turning South, comfort and visibility move to top spot when choosing clothing. The Nightvision Cyclone jacket is packed full of all the features we’ve seen in previous editions of Nightvision clothing, as well as more.


Altura claim that the Nightvision Cyclone is destined to become their newest best-selling jacket. Thoroughly engineered using cutting edge technologies mixed with an innovative design features at an affordable price. Adding reflective strips exactly where the cyclists need them, it enables the rider to be more visible when cycling during low light conditions.

The Features:

Keeping many of the functional aspects of the clothing through popular demand, it’s clear to see why the Nightvision range has been one of the best selling through the last years.┬áThe Nightvision Cyclone is lightweight and waterproof it uses the highest level of reflective materials. This is well known throughout the clothing industry as silver reflective. Mixed with a stretch 2.5-layer performance waterproof and breathable main body fabric, this makes the Nightvision Cycle Jacket an all round performer.


The jacket is small enough to be packed down into a rucksack or pannier bag if the rain happens to clear, or for if you want to carry it “just in case”. A detachable helmet hood makes it easy to take on & off and keep the rain off the top when you’re cycling. The Nightvision cyclone comes with a plethora of pockets for you to choose just where you keep your valuables or essentials.

A zipped pocket on the chest, two torso pockets and a large rear pocket give you enough room to fit half the tool box and three days supplies in the back. Maybe not the comfiest to ride with, but there should you need it. A storm flap on the rear pocket also helps to keep the water on the outside.

Underarm zippers and hidden venting help maintain comfort by adding to the jackets breathability. Finally, a drawcord hem helps to retain the jacket position during cycling minimising and fabric bunching. At the cuffs are easy closure fabric tabs which can be opened and closed with gloves during those colder months to help protect the rider from the elements.


The Ride:

The Cyclone jacket is a relaxed fit designed to be comfortable rather than close fitting, think upright cycling position rather than out and out race style of fit. Though that being said, it’s definitely designed to look the part on anyone. Functionality is definitely leading the form of this jacket.

Quick to clean and very durable, the Nightvision Cyclone was robust enough to last a few rides as we expected. Without losing shape or colour we’d have felt comfortable wearing this jacket day in day out. Available in 4 different colours, there’s something for everyone, and even the black is visible enough in dark conditions.


We prefer the jacket without the hood as we found it gets in the way a little bit and generally the Nightvision Cyclone was good at keeping the conditions out. The storage space in the pockets was more than adequate. The reflective strips on the jacket pick up lights amazingly keeping you very visible on the roads.


Not at the cheapest end of the market, but by no means the most expensive. If you’re looking for a dry, comfortable commuters jacket then this could be the one for you. Visible and safe, it’s clear Altura have designed this jacket with these things in mind.


  • 75%
    Value - 75%
  • 82%
    Aesthetic - 82%
  • 89%
    Performance - 89%
  • 88%
    Durability - 88%