Powertap P1 Power Pedal Review

Power can give you a great edge through your training or on event day. As they start to become more mainstream they’re making a big impact on the cycling community. The Powertap P1 pedals are a great solution if you’re looking to make your first move to power, or if you’ve been riding power for […]

Specialized S-Works 7 Road Shoe Review

Specialized have been dropping hints and rumours of new toys in 2018 for a while now. A new power meter, brand new evade and the S-Works 7 road shoe are finally being leaked into the market. The S-works 6 have been a market leading shoe from the moment they were released alongside the evade aero […]

Why You Should Train with Power

Ever since power was introduced nearly 30 years ago by SRM they’ve completely shaped and changed the cycling world. As they become more accessible to the regular cyclist, a varied set of training software platforms can analyze and advise your data to give you a very high level insight to your body. To be blunt, […]

Your Complete Guide to Giant’s 2018 Mountain Bikes

Well priced, understated & regularly at the top of tests, Giant have been getting it right for a number of years. It’s no surprise that they’re the World’s biggest retailer of bikes both road and mountain. You may have seen our blog post on the Giant Bicycle company earlier in the year. If you missed […]