Kona Paddy Wagon Bike Review

You’ll have seen us playing around with the majority of the Kona 2018 range. We’ve tested trail bikes, MTB’s & cyclocross commuters. We have to say we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the full range from Kona for a few years now. The Kona Paddy Wagon certainly doesn’t disappoint. Still available from 2016, & not due to a lack of sales. Lining […]

10 Christmas Cycling Gifts for Her – Mountain Biking

It’s that time of year again, Christmas is coming around fast and none of us have even begun to think about what we want from Santa. Let alone what we’re going to be getting the other half, friends or children! And when we finally get round to deciding what sort of gift we’d like, we […]

One Simple Way to Improve Your Riding

Simply put: practice. We’ve all heard the age old cliche practice makes perfect. But there’s method to the madness. A very quick fix to improve your riding is to create a small, sharp, technical loop & run it over and over. By honing your skills on a practice loop or skills run, you’ll be able […]