Best Tools to take on a Bike Ride


We have all been there, on the side of a road bike upside down on the phone trying to get a lift because you’ve left the tools in the garage again. This is a guide or advice on what cycling tools we believe you should take out with you on a ride to prevent the lift.

To start a mini pump, it doesn’t matter if you carrying an inner tube or a patch kit just in case of a flat tyre. You simply can’t go further without air in your tube. We recommend that you carry one that does both Presta and Schrader valves. Why both, in case your mate runs different valves to you or maybe your spare that’s been in your saddle bag for the last 3 years is a Schrader despite you swearing it was a Presta when you put it in. Gas canisters of Co2 can do the job here if you’re racing & don’t want a full pump with you.


Next up is some tyre levers! whilst some people can just force the tyres on using brute strength these little guys save your knuckles. They barely take up any space or weight. We often find it’s best to take 3 because you know one will end up snapping on you.


Something that is rarely used but certainly a god send if you do carry one is a chain tool (and spare links). Nothing is worse than having a chain go on you during a ride and carrying one of these just makes it that little bit more bearable.

Now the most important tool to carry is just a multi tool. You can have a large range of Allen key sizes to tighten or perform emergency repairs with ease. A lot of the larger Multi tools can carry tyre levers and chain tools on them making it a bit more of an all in one.

Lastly, a small first aid kit, as obvious as this seems we know a lot of riders that don’t carry them. There is nothing worse than having a slip and then having to wipe the blood off your bike when your back so a small first aid can just help keep things clean (wound and bike) and handy in an emergency. Having seen an inner tube being improvised as a sling for a broken arm this one carried by me now.


Of course, an innertube or puncture repair kit is advised but here at the Cyclestore, we couldn’t agree on which to take on a ride. With half putting a new one in to get going asap, & half willing to take the rest.

We hope this proves useful to you guys and hope you never have to use any of the above, happy riding.