Cannondale CaadX Ultegra 2019 Review


Cross season is here, and it could be time to look for a need steed to help you through. With the tag line, race on Sunday – commute on Monday, the CaadX is already making a great impact on the cross scene.

A versatile racing machine that is capable of handling anything you throw at it. A lightweight frame accompanies a lot of the geometries and features we’ve seen in the all new Cannondale SuperX. Cannondale have let the engineering of their all singing all dancing cross bike influence the second available cross bike range, the CaadX.


The Features:

Still complete with a two ring shimano groupset and plenty of features to swap between commuting and race day, the CaadX Ultegra really is made for every scenario. Clip your mudguards on and off easy enough for mixed terrain weekend adventures or the splashy morning commute. But leave it at home to hit round a cross course early on a Sunday morning.

With lots of features trickling across from the CAAD12 road bike, it’s no surprise they feel very similar to ride. The chain stays and seat stays are engineered to absorb any bumps and bruises you might pick up as you go through the ride. This SAVE micro-suspension system is a great feature to ensure you’re not taking the full force of the vibrations through your arms.


Plenty of space to fit bottles, racks & mudguards, this bike could very easily become your new touring bike. The Ultegra groupset shifts neatly and swiftly as you’d expect it to, this catered for everything we needed without having to spend a large sum to get Dura-Ace.

A punchy purple and black colour scheme gives the bike standout aesthetics from anything else we’ve seen for a while. And we have to say, we’re big fans. The bike certainly looks the part, though it’ll look quite different by the time you’ve caked it in mud from a misty morning adventure.

The Ride:

The bike felt every bit as nimble as we’d hoped. The braking system was sharp and responsive without being overbearing. This gives you all the confidence you need when you’re hitting into the corners.


Agile through the bents and comfortable over bumpy terrain that you definitely wouldn’t take a road bike. There’s plenty of clearance on the frame should you want to fit chunkier tyres to the bike, but we were more than happy with the CX 2.0, 28h, tubeless ready rims and 33c tyres.

With the geometries accommodating off road riding, this bike is really fun when you get onto the cross scene. The relaxed fork angle and increased rake offers real off road stability. The chain stay matches the SuperX too, it’s clear that Cannondale have listened to the feedback from the riders out on these bikes.


The bike is obviously heavier than the top end versions, which you’ll noticed when you have to lift and carry the bike. The cables might also get in the way when you try to pick the bike up, which could cause issues depending on your style. But a lot of the cabelling has been cleaned up from the previous edition.


Packed full of features from the top end of the Cannondale range, without the price tag. At a more affordable price, the Cannondale CaadX Ultegra is a great companion. Whether you’re looking to dip your toe into the cross world, or your an experienced rider looking for a bike for every occasion, this could be the one!


  • 92%
    Value - 92%
  • 91%
    Aesthetic - 91%
  • 84%
    Durability - 84%
  • 87%
    Performance - 87%