A frozen race a couple of years ago.

So you have had a cross bike and decided to give a cyclocross race ago, for many local riders the Macclesfield Wheelers Supacross is often their first race due to its locality.

Before the race I always like to wear over trousers or shorts to keep the cold and wet out as much as possible before the race even starts. Overshoes are also recommended as well as many outer layers and an under helmet cap to keep you as warm as possible before things get going.


Endura’s full zip leg warmers are my favourite, making changing easy, best to strip off on the start and throw your kit at your helper (you did bring one right) failing that pop em in a bag in the pit area for after the race.


Now something a little trickier to dress for is the cyclocross race its self, it will be cold and you will be hotter than you expect, going flat out for an hour. My preferred combo that has done me well for most races. Thermal shorts, short sleeve base layer, water repellent short sleeve jersey and arm warmers, legs out.

The last one as with everything is down to personal preference. Gloves again another tricky one, however Endura’s Pro Nemo gloves offer a degree off warmth and plenty of grip regardless of conditions.


The race will start off faster than you expect, everyone will be going fast, choose your line and look out for others crossing it. The Macclesfield cyclocross course is mostly ride-able with only 2-3 sections that require running, usually a wooden plank or two and a steep run up.

It’s worth practicing getting off and on your bike quickly, there are plenty of dismount videos online, if its got Paul Oldham’s name on it its worth watching.¬† Try to pace yourself best you can the race is 40 minutes/60 minutes depending on your category, usually after 2 laps the remaining laps will be displayed as you pass the finish and its always more than you want to see!



The race is close to the shortest day so you will finish in low light. A bell will signify the last lap of the race once the race leader has passed the finish line to start their last lap. There is a large turnout for the Supacross which means the chance of been lapped is increased, once the race winner finished everyone finishes.

Once you have passed the finish, get your kit on ASAP you will cool down very quickly! Don’t forget to have a chat to the other riders and supporters, this is the best part of a local race is been among familiar faces. If you’ve time and are not driving, the Park Tavern serves a good recovery ale!


All information on this years race can be found here other local races can be found with the NWCCA