The Endura MT500 is packing a serious safety feature never seen before in helmets. Let’s see how it stands up to real world use outside the lab.

When the small Scottish company started making helmets we were all pleasantly surprised at how good they were and not carrying a hefty price tag for high-end features. With the release of the MT500 helmet, we all had to take a seat because it looked nothing like anything we had seen before from the company.

The sole purpose of a helmet is to protect your head during a crash anything else is just a added feature. The MT500 has a Koroyd core, this in the cycling world is still fairly alien. Koroyd is a young company that prioritizes safety above all else. Their aim is to reduce the correlated risk of suffering a skull fracture or a fatal traumatic brain injury to less than 5%, according to the Prasad/Mertz risk curves. Which is a massive mouthful I cannot even begin to explain (best to go to their website)? But the Endura MT500 is the first helmet to achieve this standard. 

With the Koroyd technology, the technology packs lots of benefits. Being lighter means you barely notice the helmet on your head. In fact, with good coverage on top to the sides and down the back of the helmet it provides decent safety coverage anyway.

The visor at the front is adjustable and stays in place whilst being easy to get out the way whilst on the fly. The helmet at the front has 2 slots for holding your glasses in place should you want them out the way for any climbs. However, if you thought because it accommodates for glasses it wouldn’t be much good for goggles you’d be much mistaken. There is a discrete clip at the back to hold straps in the place. Moreover, the visor accommodates for plenty of space when up to store your goggles also.

Whilst the helmet has no large vents on top the vents there serve another purpose. Endura provides an action camera mount for the helmet and it clips into place on top of the helmet. Whilst up there it is sturdy and doesn’t come loose. But when removing the mount it is less hassle than other helmets that provide mounting points. It is also useful for late night rides being able to stick a light on top helps keep light pointing to where it is needed most.

The fit of the helmet is comfortable with pads providing extra comfort, with the dial at the back adjusting tightness of the fit. With the side having ways to adjust anchor points or the height. Whilst this cannot be done on the fly it isn’t something you should be worrying about doing on the fly, once in place the fit won’t budge and is very comfortable.

The Helmet had a covering of Eps also to help protect and work with the Koroyd. The foam liner is there to help keep everything in place and provides protection where the Koroyd cannot. The Eps liner is fully covered so no worries when you plop your helmet down of it getting damaged or dented.

The Koroyd Technology had some unexpected benefits despite the safety aspect. It also improves ventilation of the helmet directing air flow through the helmet highly efficiently. Whilst this may seem far fetched it really works. It also stops bugs and buzzing creatures entering your helmet through the large vents in place, whilst it isn’t what it’s there for it comes in handy.

With 3 main styles and the Koroyd Tech fitting in and helping you stand out these lids look cool and fit going down trails. Being user-friendly with adapting for goggles and glasses will make this helmet practical in the real world too.

With the sheer number of awards given to the Koroyd Technology that builds the bulk of this helmet, it provides some serious protection. Whilst the real world features are cream on the cake Endura have entered into the world of High-Performance trail lids with the MT500. My only issue is I would like it to provide more temple support as a few competitors provide also. But that is me and some people dislike that feature in helmets. However, at RRP of £150 this helmet is packing some seriously high-end features without a high-end price tag and if you do crash they are covered by their crash replacement policy so you can get a replacement at 50% RRP. There simply isn’t another helmet on the market that provides the same safety as this helmet right now.

  • 82%
    Aesthetic - 82%
  • 70%
    Speed - 70%
  • 91%
    Safety - 91%
  • 74%
    Weight - 74%