On any ride cornering is often one of the trickiest skills. It’s where most people will come unstuck and end up crashing or falling off. Hopefully with these top tips you’ll be able to handle the bike much better through the corners & keep yourself out of trouble. Making sure you stay smooth & relaxed whilst cornering are the most important things to bear in mind.


Cornering usually happens before you even make it into the corner. Picking your line & deciding how you’re going to approach are two of the most important parts. If you start with a bad line, you’re going to have a tough time pulling it off. If you can nail the entry into the corner the rest will run a lot smoother. Set up wide so you give yourself the best chance of making it through the corners.


Make sure you break early. Braking into the corner is a big no. If you’re carrying too much speed you’re going to just have to ride this one up. If you brake too late you’ll drag them around the corner & risk the chance of the wheels locking up. If you relax into the corner & keep your hands off the brakes, your wheels while have much more chance to grip.

The Drop:

A drop will highlight any braking that happens half way through the corner. Leaving no prisoners. Keeping your front wheel on the ground is important here, look for a solid spot to plant the wheel and give it a shot. Relaxing is again important here, being smooth with make all the difference.


As with the entry you need to be planning ahead as you go round the corner. Riding in the moment will make you panic, if you’re riding through what’s coming, the rest will happen naturally. As you move through the apex you need to be ready for the exit of the corner. Picking your exit line is important. Move your weight from the back to the front as you move out of the corner so you have more control, and make sure you stay away from the brakes!

Hopefully these tips help you find your way through the corners more naturally. If you want more tips on how to ride the trails you can find some here.