Giant Fathom E+ 1 Pro 29er Review


As we see more and more e-bikes enter the market, the design and engineering of these machines really is taking off. Getting closer and closer to the normal MTB, we’re seeing improved handling, battery life and weight every season. The first of it’s kind, it’s great to see all the great features we love about the Giant Fathom kept through this e-bike. Giant are still right at the forefront of the market and we had a closer look at the Giant Fathom E+.


Designed to ride the rough roads, paths and single track, offering you a new level of power and control. You can take to the hills in an all new way with the Giant Fathom E+. It’ll amaze you with it’s capability. Don’t let the old terrain hold you back, this is you with a new vigor.

Giant claim the bike is tenacious on steep climbs and confident through the quick, single track descents. With an all round smooth rolling feel, the 29er is set to deliver a balanced ride quality as the terrain gets more difficult. Cross country riders are also on the hunt for bikes that can climb efficiently and hold the speed on the flats. This comes from a combination of lightweight technology and careful design.

The Features:

It’s build around a lightweight Aluxx aluminium frame, with a comfortable trail-friendly geometry. The 500Wh EnergyPak is carefully integrated into the down tube and the new RideControl ONE handlebar controls keep everything easy to use up front. This has come a long way from the Giant E-bikes of the past. You now barely notice the EnergyPak is there.


Designed to ride on a variety of terrain, from mild XC to more challenging technical trails, it delivers responsive hardtail handling. The SyncDrive Pro motor technology gives you 360 percent tunable power, and you can adjust it exactly the way you want. This means the bike handles much more like the normal Fathom. It’s agile into the bends and can be ridden hard out without any kick or unnecessary power from the back end.

The frame of the Fathom E+ is designed for and fitted with a 120mm suspension fork. Coming complete with a Rock Shox revelation RL. While 11 speeds keep you shifting over the terrain nicely, meaning you next run out of clicks up or down.


The new Giant E-bike App connects you with health, fitness and navigation functions, should you want to try something different on that side of things. Though if you’re likely to just throw your leg over & crack on, you won’t be disappointed.

The Giant Fathom E+ is obviously heavier than you would expect a normal bike to be. Though when you’re hammering down the trails you’ll hardly notice. It’s careful through the corners and holds it’s speed well. 29″ wheels roll nicely over a variety of terrains. Coming complete with Maxxis Forekaster foldable EXO tubeless ready tyres, we’re certainly you’ll be impressed with the way they ride.

A yellow and black colour scheme is set to turn some heads too. We have to say, here at Cyclestore we’re big fans.


The Verdict:

The Giant Fathom E+ now comes with all the top end features we’ve seen on the rival brands. Going toe to toe with the Specialized Turbo Levo is no easy feat, but we feel like this bike can, and it comes without the hefty price tag. Fresh aesthetics and a new design, don’t wait to get your hands on one!


  • 83%
    Performance - 83%
  • 86%
    Value - 86%
  • 91%
    Aesthetic - 91%
  • 74%
    Durability - 74%