Staying hydrated doing any sport is very very important when you’re out riding. But water doesn’t just cut it anymore, as we touched upon in our blog about fuelling your long ride. When we sweat we lose a lot more than just water, given the general name of electrolytes these are used in your bodies nervous system. Potassium, sodium, calcium etc. These are all lost through sweat and help run your bodies nervous system. But it isn’t always convenient or very nice to carry Lucozade or other sports drinks everywhere on rides or runs with you. Say hello to the NUUN active tablets.

Sodium: maintains fluids balance
Potassium: prevents muscle cramps
Magnesium: relaxes muscles
Calcium: required for normal muscle functions

NUUN active tablets are one solution, coming with a large range of different flavours. I found it best before I went out on a ride or run to fill my bottle (16oz) up. Pop one of these NUUN tablets in then I can forget about it. The tablets just fizz and dissolve into the water in a few minutes. Filling your water with electrolytes, vitamins and a nice flavour.

The flavours are great and not over powering like you’d find in some of the competitor’s drinks (Favourite being the strawberry lemonade flavour). The drink on hot days is a little “stickier” than just water but does remind you to keep hydrated. And at the end of a ride or any exercise you do feel more hydrated and craving salty foods less. Out on the go, NUUN also caused less gastric distress than other tablets which is always more pleasant.

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When out on a ride the NUUN tube comes useful to just be able to refill your bottle and pop another tablet in and being able to carry on as normal, even when racing. With 12 NUUN tablets in a tube, it works out around 50p a bottle for an electrolytes drink. It tastes good, it is cheap, and it does the job what more would you like from your hydration?!?

  • 82%
    Taste - 82%
  • 83%
    Performance - 83%