A race inspired design well known for its fit and speed made for a tremendous price. Taking its looks and a similar design from the high end Prevail 2 the Propero 3 is off to a great start.

Packed with high end features you’d find in specialized prevail helmets the Propero 3 is a fraction of the cost. Not all of us can afford the high-end racing lids and not all of us want a high-end racing lid. However, we still want the features like the light weight, the cooling, or a fit that’s comfortable, and the Propero 3 has provided that.

Starting with the cooling and ventilation, this helmet packs the same cooling system as the prevail. Specialized’s 4th Dimension Cooling System, even down to the Large mouth ports at the front is included. With Composite internal reinforcement, it is allowing the Propero 3 to have less but larger vents than the Prevail 2 helping it pack enough cooling.

This reinforcement works similar to the Aramid skeleton found in the Prevail 2. Helping spread out the impact energy over the entire helmet whilst supporting weaker sections around the vents in the helmet.

The Propero 3 even packs the same passing you’d find in the Prevail 2. These light weight thin pads provide lots of comfort but do have a more important job. These guys absorb sweat helping to cool your head down. With the Prevail 2, these pads would direct sweat away from the brow and down the temples. Whilst this helmet contains the same brow pad it doesn’t seem to do as good a job. And of course, these pads are designed to reduce smell but can be removed and washed to help!

More and more Specialized helmets are having there Tri-Fix fitted to them. These bits of plastic attach to the chin strap and hold them in a fixed position. Whilst some people prefer to have all the adjustments possible. These feel more comfortable save a lot of time fiddling around and just needing to adjust the chin strap length, without having to untwist them constantly.

That’s really where the similarities end between the Propero 3 and the Prevail. Whilst the Propero 3 packs these features they aren’t as good as in the Prevail 2’s. But the Propero 3 still won’t disappoint.

The Headset system isn’t as light weight but still fits very well with 4 height positions and a micro dial at the back adjust the tightness. Whilst it doesn’t fit all head types perfect the helmet doesn’t shake or feel lose either way without needing to over tighten it. 

My only complaint about this helmet is the clip on visor they provide. It is a low profile visor so doesn’t obscure view like trail or MTB ones. It is easy to fit into place and even easier to come off, just aim for a pot hole or slight bump in the road and it is straight off. the visor itself is so low profile you don’t notice it has gone until you are at the top of the hill and it is still at the bottom. The good thing is you can wear glasses with this helmet.

All in all this lid makes a great buy for one who isn’t racing or wanting a high-end price helmet. But if you are after something that looks good and is a decent price with high end features the propero 3 is perfect for this. Therefore with the money saved buy some sunglasses so you can leave the visor at home.

  • 68%
    Aesthetic - 68%
  • 64%
    Speed - 64%
  • 72%
    Safety - 72%
  • 69%
    Weight - 69%