With an arsenal of quick helmets on the market, Californian giants Specialized have released the S-works Prevail 2. The prevail already holds the gold in the world or road helmets so the sequel had to mean serious business.

Focusing on reducing the bulk and increasing its aerodynamics by decreasing weight, the Prevail 2 has already turned heads. When races are being won by MM after 200km of cycling, every second counts. The prevail 2 weighs 10 grams less than its predecessor, which was already seriously light at 185grams.

Whilst it isn’t saving you minutes off every 40km ridden these helmets increased aerodynamic design will save you 6 seconds over 40km. But this helmet is still aimed towards the road market if you are after super slick aerodynamic helmets stick with TT specific elements.


Constructed using Specialized’s multi density EPS construction means this helmet is thinner in areas and better packed in others. This means weight and bulk have been saved whilst maintaining a high standard of safety. The Aramid reinforced skeleton Supports this system with a structure built into the EPS helping hold the helmet together after a crash and helping spread the impact zone.

The 4th Dimension Cooling System with deep internal channels, large vents and aligned exhaust ports have become well known to the cycling world with the scoop like vents at the front. These catch the air a drive it over your head along these channels and out the exhausts at the back allowing for excellent ventilation. With 35 vents in total, it is allowing for some serious airflow. You’ll often see this helmet leading up mountainous stages in the Tour De France where ventilation is often more important than aerodynamics.

With cooling being key the pads have even been redesigned to help keep your head cool and to help keep sweat at bay. The large brow pad not only being comfortable but designed to wick sweat away and divert it down the temples away from your eyes. Specialized has really listened to cyclist complaints about riding in the heat.

Including a highly adjustable mindset system in the helmet is allowing for the fit to be really fine tuned to suit all cyclists. With the height being easily adjustable before placing the helmet on and the micro dial located at the back of the helmet helps with any adjustments being quick, fiddle free and lets us do more cycling.

Showing that the prevail 2 isn’t just for climbing the Alps it actually has reflective decals at the rear of the helmet. helping you to be spotted when riding in low light levels and showing us that it is a road helmet at heart. Even the Tri-Fix web splitter is there to make it more comfortable and easy to use.

Finished in four outstanding colours you will find this helmet is suitable for amateur road cyclist up to the professionals and will have a style to match any equipment. With the Prevail 2 providing practicability with the performance at an all new higher gold standard it takes the torch from its predecessor with pride.

  • 83%
    Aesthetic - 83%
  • 79%
    Speed - 79%
  • 85%
    Safety - 85%
  • 91%
    Weight - 91%