Giro Aerohead TT Helmet Review


The Giro Aerohead takes the same air cutting shape from the Aerohead Ultimate, with added vents to keep your head cool. For TT riders and Triathletes alike an Aerodynamic Helmet is a must have to save you time and earn you that well deserved PB.

Giro certainly don’t cut corners when making their helmets, so when they released the Aerohead after the Aerohead ultimate we knew it would still be seriously fast. The difference between the two comes down to the ventilation available. Whilst the Ultimate has a carbon fibre shell, instead of the polycarbonate, the weight difference is minimal. The Ultimate has a 2% smaller shell and is 5 seconds faster over 180km than the Aerohead, both have their advantages over one another.

With 4 large vents internal channeling boosting the ventilation, you can tell this helmet has been designed taking full advantage of the wind tunnel. Boosting the cooling over the ultimate by 10% it’s there to keep its aerodynamic roots whilst increasing the cooling available. Built with Giro’s Roc Loc® Air system, this holds the helmet slightly off the top of the skull allowing air to flow over the head.

Not only providing cooling Roc Loc® Air is also the fitting system, similar to the Roc Loc 5 it allows you to have multiple height positions and a micro dial at the back to adjust tightness. Unlike a lot of systems, the Roc Loc allows a snug comfortable fit without over tensioning it.

A lot of TT helmets only want to save weight and go quick, whilst the Aerohead does this it doesn’t forget that a helmet is there to save your brain. Fitting a MIPS system means that crashing at speed this helmet is going to reduce the Multi-directional impact. Whilst it adds minimal weight this feature is only noticeable until after a crash.


One Very noticeable thing about the Aerohead is the sheer coverage of the eye shield. The sheer size of the shield means you are getting a full view around your peripheral vision, a lot compared to other TT helmets on the market. Not only does it help looking for passing cars but is providing a full coverage you simply don’t see the edge of the lenses. It is held into place by strong magnets much like the Air Attack shield but these magnets are even stronger. This means you can still flip the lens upside down with ease and the shield hugs the helmet so doesn’t impact on the aerodynamics too much.

The lens isn’t flimsy plastic it is a Zeiss lens with some vents in the lens itself, the primary function is to help protect your face and eyes from the sun. With a Zeiss lens, they are best known for high-performance lenses. Providing a tough lens that provides perfect clarity even on sunny days, you won’t be needing your sunglasses with this attached.

Whilst costing little additional time in lab conditions by having vents. The cooling in and around your head in a distance event you’d be making up any time lost by simply feeling cooler. The great aerodynamic shape and high-performance lens mean giro are looking out for time triallists and triathletes on the road. And with the MIPS built in the Aerohead does its job as a helmet. Giro has made performance helmet whilst still looking out for the cyclist’s needs, resulting in a superb helmet from the Giro team.

  • 92%
    Aesthetic - 92%
  • 93%
    Speed - 93%
  • 97%
    Safety - 97%
  • 91%
    Weight - 91%