Cannondale Supersix Evo Ultegra Disc Review


A versatile range of well priced bikes at all levels, both on and off the road – it’s no surprise that Cannondale feature high up in our range of bike companies. They’ve been getting it right for a number of years and this years edition of the Cannondale Supersix Evo is no different. The premium bike in the range can be seen ridden by the Cannondale Drapac riders at the grand tours – and many of these features trickle down right through the range.


Founded in 1971, the american brand has been getting it right for almost 50 years. With a market leading System Integration technology – Cannondale have recognized that bikes shouldn’t be symmetrical for them to strike the perfect balance. This can save hundreds of grams on the complete package.


The Supersix Evo dates back to 2011 and was a new generation of the original SuperSix which started in 2004. Back then it was known as the Six13 and then System Six. The six originates from the atomic number for carbon as the bike became carbon in 2007.

What’s New?

The Supersix Evo Ultegra Disc comes with a continuous carbon save fork. Continous fibres run from the dropout to the top of the streerer offering great structural integrity. An improved fibre path gives a better strength to weight that earlier versions of the Supersix Evo.


Flat mounted disc integration adds less that 150 grams to the frame set – gone are the days that disc brakes added lots of extra weight to the bike. This allows the Supersix Evo Disc to keep the same riding characteristics as it’s rim brake counter part.

A slight aero profile on the frame shapes the downtube, seat tube, fork and seat stays to reduce drag. No extra weight is added the these areas keeping the bike light and subtle. The stiffness is also up to the standard of regular aero profile tubes so it’s gains all round.

The bike comes complete with Mavic’s latest Aksium Disc wheels. A solid pair of hubs and a modern rim profile. If you’re looking to climb mountains and save every gram, they’re probably not the ideal wheelset weighing in a bit heavier – though they’ll certainly do the job for the majority of riders.


The Ride:

The System Integration allows the Supersix Evo Disc to handle and feel almost identical to it’s rim counterpart. The handling is superb and the geometry hasn’t taken a hit meaning the bike is still responsive. You’d barely even know you’re riding a disc bike until you try and stop.

The frame is firm and responsive with some of the comfort of the Synapse. We loved the original Supersix Evo – and this one hasn’t let us down either. Years of evolution keep the back end rigid – allowing every watt to be transferred to the wheels with absolutely no movement.


No matter what terrain you throw at the bike, it feels like it can handle it. Smooth and light up the climbs – and bold into the corners. The move to disc brakes gives you an extra level of control, although you never feel like you need it. Rooted to the road, the Supersix Evo Ultegra Disc just won’t flinch when you fly into the bends – and you can squeeze out every bit of speed available.

It’s kept the aggression you’d expect from a Supersix Evo – with the Synapse catering for the endurance rider. We added a Specialized Expert Power Saddle to the bike to improve comfort in that aggressive position. The continuous carbon fork takes a lot of the vibrations out of the road and you can really feel the saving in weight.



A great bike suitable for anyone looking to ride events from a Sportive right up to amateur racing. The bike is light, nimble and responsive with everything working together in perfect balance. Cannondale have been working hard to refine every detail of this bike and it’s certainly paid off.

  • 75%
    Value - 75%
  • 87%
    Performance - 87%
  • 82%
    Aesthetic - 82%