Specialized Power Expert Saddle Review


Designed for riders who spend their time on the drops going at great speed. The Specialized Power Expert saddle suits riders that spend more time in a more aggressive aero position. Whether you’re an all out, hard road rider – or a time trialist looking for a comfier saddle for the road bike – this could be a great choice for you.


The majority of saddles can be quite uncomfortable for aggressive riding out on the roads. This is due to the long, thin design of the saddle. Forever chasing ergonomic products that fit the whole market Specialized have come up with a unique saddle shape. Using research from specialized Body-Geometry specialists and data collected through the retul bike fit system, specialized have engineered a saddle that allows you comfort and power on the bike.

Keeping the saddle lightweight and firm allows the saddle to perform as you’d expect if it’s designed to cater for the racier type. A stiff FACT carbon shell and hollow titanium rails keep the quality of the saddle high and provide a strong base. The option of red or black offer a colour scheme to match any bike.

Although when you first see the saddle it looks a lot wider than the other road saddles, though this is just caused by the geometry of the saddle. With a similar look to time trial or triathlon saddles – the nose is 30mm shorter meaning the proportions are different, although the width remains similar with 3 different width options.


The Ride:

The saddle is firm and once you’ve found the sweet spot – very comfortable. Provided you don’t shuffle around too much. It’s supportive right through the longer rides. A cut out in the centre of the saddle reduces the pressure and the flatter cross section mix to offer a comfortable ride. Specialized claim this is the most blood flow you can get from a saddle whilst riding in an aggressive position.

The different proportions of the Power Expert saddle don’t give you much room to move around at all. If you’re a rider that can get comfy early and hold the position for the duration, then it will suit you much more than if you’re a bit of a shifter. The shortened length doesn’t give you much room to slide forward if you prefer to hover near the nose of the saddle.


We’ve been testing the Specialized Expert Power saddle for 2 months, featuring almost 2,000 miles on the bike and there has been no real deform in the saddle. The shape has held very well and the saddle is generally durable in all conditions.

We also had a quick spin on the other models of the saddle. They all feel relatively similar in terms of comfort, with the s-works model being the lightest & firmest as you’d imagine it to be. That being said it does come with a slightly heavier price tag due to the materials it’s made from.

The saddle comes complete with the two threaded holes at the back of the saddle. This allows you to fit the specialized SWAT system or anything you’d keep on the back. Bottle cages, accessories or a camera.



As with all saddles, it’s going to come down to what you feel comfortable on. If you prefer an aggressive riding position and don’t shuffle about much in the process, then this Power Expert saddle may certainly suit you. Although only trial and error will tell. With a variety of widths and material choices there’ll definitely be one to suit your ability.

  • 82%
    Comfort - 82%
  • 83%
    Durability - 83%
  • 81%
    Value - 81%
  • 82%
    Performance - 82%