It’s that time of year again, Christmas is coming around fast and none of us have even begun to think about what we want from Santa. Let alone what we’re going to be getting the other half, friends or children! And when we finally get round to deciding what sort of gift we’d like, we still have no idea where to start. Whether you’re a cyclist or not, choosing gifts can be a daunting task so to help settle your nerves we’ve compiled a list of ideas for you to buy your other half, with gifts from £10 to £500. Depending on how good she’s been this year!

Road Cycling Gifts for Him.

New Shoes.

Women’s Specialized Torch Road Shoe.

The killer on any outfit. Shoes can be chosen to match the bike, but we’ve even heard of bikes being chosen to match the shoes! We’re torn between our favourites although the Specialized Torch have to be up at the top, alongside the Giant Liv Regalo at only £69.99!

Giant Liv Regalo Women’s Shoes

New Jersey.

Giant Liv Race Day Jersey.
Alé Summer Collection 2017

Often covered through the winter months, when it comes to summer vibrant jerseys or a smart black option are a must have. Whilst the colour/style of the jersey is going to be down to personal preference – most road riders tend to opt for a much closer fit.

View Women’s Close Fit Short Sleeve Jerseys.
View Women’s Close Fit Long Sleeve Jerseys.


New Helmet.

Giant Liv Womens Extima Aero Road Helmet 2018
Giant Liv Womens Extima Aero Road Helmet 2018

Not only can a new helmet save your life, but it can really help you look the part out on the road. Available in all kinds of colours, shapes & sizes – often we go for a colour scheme on the more modest side. Available for under £100, Giro, Specialized & Liv have a great range.
View Ladies Specific Helmets.

Giro Sonnet Mips Women`s Helmet 2017
Giro Sonnet Mips Women`s Helmet 2017



Our Top picks are between the Giant Liv Women’s Extima Aero helmet at £150, and the Giro Sonnet MIPS weighing in at under £90.


New Socks.

These can be a great little item to make up numbers under the tree or at the bottom of a stocking. Socks go a long way in cycling, they make or break an outfit. A great pair of socks in summer catch the eye of fellow riders & keep you on top of your game. In winter they can be the difference between heading home early & feeling comfortable for the duration.

Ale Power Socks.
Endura Twin Pack.

Ale Power are a great pair of road cycling socks for £13.49, and Endura do a less exciting twin pack for £9.49.

For winter Sealskinz have your back with the Road Waterproof Sock, a slightly heavier price tag at £33.29 but certainly worth the investment.

New Lights.

Lezyne Micro Drive 500xl / Strip Drive Lightset.
Giant Numen Mini Combo LED Lightset.

Lights can be a real game changer when it comes to Christmas presents. Available to pick up from £6 up to lights that are almost more powerful than car headlights.

You can view our full range of lighting here.

Our top picks are the Lezyne 500xl set & the Giant Numen Mini Combo LED set only £10!


A cycle computer can completely transform a ride – giving you routes, data and all kinds of gadgets that you can’t find anywhere else. Most will easily connect with heart rate monitors, power meters or phones. Our favourite is the new Garmin Edge 820 – available now for 20% off!


Power Meter.

A new must have in the performance cycling world – both coaches & athletes alike are making power a go to for training. Quantifying power will change the way you work out and measure if training is working. Available in a variety of different options – you can see our range here.


Strava Premium.

The social media app for cycling is now available for free on your smartphone or on any web browser. You can create an account & get started for nothing.

The premium subscription offers a service full of features that we use daily. From heart rate analysis to the route builder – it’s a fantastic way to keep at the forefront of your cycling game.

Available from £4 a month or £44.99 a year, it’s certainly at the cheap end of the scale.

Strava Adds 1 Billion Activities to Global Heatmap.

Rollers/A Turbo Trainer.

Cycleops Hammer Direct Drive Smart Turbo Trainer 2018.

Keeping inside for the winter will reduce the risk of crashing & keep the frozen fingers to a minimum. Rollers encourage a much smoother, road like feel to the ride – although can be quite tricky to use. Whereas the turbo trainer allows you to remain completely static and farm all the watts you need.

We have a full range of Turbos from £100 right up to the new, all singing, all dancing, Cycleops hammer direct drive smart turbo trainer at £999.99 – now with 11% off.

Elite Arion Parabolic Rollers.

Whilst also stocking a full range of rollers, our favourite at the at only £179.99.




Invaluable for fixing up little problems with the bike here & there. A tool set is one of the best companions all year round. Whilst you don’t have to buy the Park Tool Master Mechanic set at £5,999.99, a toolbox or set will often grow through the years so a basic one will do to start. Maybe even try something tiny like the ParkTool Essential Tool Kit at only £17.99.


ParkTool Essential Tool Kit.






No matter what cycling related presents you’re after for Christmas end up with this Christmas, the friendly staff at Cyclestore are here to help. You can call or email the sales team with any queries & we wish you all the best for your festive period.