Endura Hummvee Helmet Review


Endura Hummvee is yet another good contender in the value for money in trial helmets. Endura is best known for their no nonsense clothing, only in recent years have they ventured into helmets. Starting as a small scale Scottish company, they’ve quickly expanded to one of the larger apparel names.

The first thing is it looks the part, with more protection down the sides and back than you’d normally find on road or normal helmets this one screams trail. Endura have released 4 colour options including the black and white styles that suit everyone and every bike. The other two options are the bright green and orange making sure Endura are catering for everyone. 

The peak isn’t adjustable but is a nice feature on trail helmets. The peak, however, can be removed and replaced, this feature is something some top end trail helmets forget about in design. So you can leave the visor at home and go with goggles for the day. Take the visor off and it makes a great urban looking helmet too.

The fit is taken care of with an adjustable dial at the back of the helmet. The dial is slightly larger than you’d find on other trail helmets.  So you can easily adjust the fit or tightness of this helmet on the fly, even with large winter gloves on. And the fit isn’t so tight to the sides that when you wear your sunglasses that you end up with twin red marks on the side of your head.


The padding is anti bacterial, adjustable, and can be removed should it start smelling like an old pair of shoes. The extra set also has a bug net fitted. The Hummvee is trying to look out for the cyclist who doesn’t enjoy a buzzing insect inside our helmets on rides. And with plenty of vents, the bug nets are certainly welcomed feature keeping your head cool and insect free.

Certified to CE standard EN1078:2012 + A1:2012, this helmet will protect your head during a crash. Offering extra coverage you’d normally get in helmets twice this price. Helping the Endura Hummvee pack a punch to the competition.

Let’s talk about the Price with an RRP of £42.99 on CycleStore this is a very affordable helmet. But it certainly doesn’t feel cheap. There are helmets out there twice the cost that feel cheaper and don’t have as many features. Whilst this helmet grabs attention with its basic good looks it keeps people attention with its bargain price.

The only down sides I found with this helmet is the shell lining doesn’t cover the underside of the helmet and it doesn’t have a MIPS option. But there are helmets more expensive that don’t offer these features.

With the Hummvee punching above its weight for value for money. The guys at Endura definitely know what they are doing. This helmet makes a great choice for a budget Trail/Urban helmet. 

  • 77%
    Aesthetic - 77%
  • 68%
    Speed - 68%
  • 73%
    Safety - 73%
  • 75%
    Weight - 75%