It’s that time of year when the 2018 shoe ranges get leaked out into our computer screens. Some we like, some we love, some just haven’t changed from 2017. This week we were lucky enough to see the Fi’zi:k range. 2018 looks to be a promising year for Fizik as they lean towards keeping up with one of their main competitors – Specialized.

This see’s the introduction of a new top line shoe to compete with the S-works 6 road shoe, as well as moving into the realms of fabric & winter boots. The Fizik R1B has been superseded by the new Infinito R1, ending it’s spell at the top of the range. The Infinito R1 will come with two options – microtex & knitting.

The Infinito R1:

Based on a two boa-dial system, similar to the s-works 6, the lower wires work to decrease the height of the outer as well as pull the shoe around your foot. Fizik think this will give a much closer & more controlled fit – and from what we’ve seen, we’re inclined to agree with them. The second dial controls the arch support giving stability to the foot & helping to┬ákeep the knees aligned and the glutes engaged.

The standard Microtex version is seen as the year round shoe – but the knitted version is the real curve ball. With Giro already released their knitted shoe earlier in the year, it’s nice to see other companies already following suit & Fizik claim they’ve been working on theirs for over a year now.

A rigid exoskeleton gives the shoe the stability it needs when out riding. This mixed with the arch support design makes for a shoe that performs excellently. Add this super light fabric outer to Fizik’s lightest, stiffest carbon sole & you have a shoe that really is suitable for pro-level climbers. We’re sure it won’t be long before we see this shoe make waves into the peloton.

The Winter Boot:

To match the top end race shoes, Fizik have also provided a shoe to get you through the depths of winter, without having to wear 2 pairs of socks as well as doubling up on overshoes. The new Artica comes in both a road and MTB version and share a lot of the same features and technologies.

Using a lightweight carbon composite sole this is joined to a heavy weight upper that has clearly spent a lot of time in the engineering lab. An internal speed lacing system is surrounded by a microtex reinfored shell while a breathable membrane offers airflow. The waterproof zip keeps out the worst of the weather & a winter edition insole keeps the warmth in from the bottom. This features a cosy fleece upper and an aluminium foil underside to really keep your foot wrapped up.

The off-road comes with many of the same features. The same sole & upper however the sole is bonded to a large heel section & textured tread. A toe section with stud mounts offers grip at the front of the boot.

The Fizik R3 Aria:

This shoe comes with many of the features of the Infinito R1 with a marginally smaller price tag. We’ve been really enjoying the new colour schemes happening through the new R3. Majorly black highlighted by a variety of colours including yellow, pink & red – with a white option for those who prefer shoes on the shiny side.