Specialized Ambush Comp Angi Mips Mtb Helmet 2019


With a whole new helmet range for 2019, Specialized have made a huge impact with their new ANGi crash detection technology. The Specialized Ambush has been a best seller for many years, and the update is even better. We got our hands on one for a closer look.

When ripping down the trail, the last thing you need to worry about is if your helmet will protect you in a crash. Then again, you don’t want to be stuck wearing a full-face on every trail ride. This is why Specialized created the Ambush Comp—a lightweight, extended coverage helmet at a wallet-friendly price.


The Features:

On the surface the comp isn’t too different to the original. And luckily enough, under the skin Specialised have been working hard to bring the performance up to scratch too. With a 30% cheaper price tag!

A composite Matrix internal reinforcement allows large vents for greater cooling. On top of this an in-molded shell improves strength and reduces weight. Specialized have created a neat new internal skeleton to give the helmet all the strength and durability it needs, but with more vents and an open feel. Specialized’s “4th Dimension Cooling” brings air in at the front of the helmet, passes it over the head to cool before sending it out of the back through the rear exhaust ports.

Mindset 360 fit system provides a secure, comfortable fit with 360-degree tension adjustment, five height positions, and integrated dial for easy on-the-fly adjustments. This means no matter what your head shape or size, the Ambush has been carefully engineered to offer a comfortable solution for everyone. Micro indexing visor allows for a wide range of fast, secure on-trail adjustments, as well as convenient goggle stowage. Specialized have kept functionality and performance at the top of the menu with the new range, and it’s really paid off.


The helmet also comes with Specialized’s new ANGi system. Angi stands for Angular G-Force Indicator. It’s a small device that will be fitted to the back of helmets to alert your emergency contacts if you have an accident.

You set a reaction time limit between 15 seconds and 2 minutes in which you’ll be able to access the app, then link it up with the ANGI device on your helmet. If you have an accident, an alarm will sound. From then you have how ever long you programmed in to turn the alarm off. If you don’t, the text will go. But don’t panic, it’s been carefully designed to minimise false alarms!

The Specialised Ambush Comp sacrifices the internal Aramid skeleton for an internal composite reinforcement. It also swaps the multi-density foam designed to disperse energy at a variety of speeds. Instead it comes with a more general impact-absorbing, single-density EPS construction.



The visor comes with a variety of different placement options which is incredibly handy. There’s also plenty of room under neath the visor for any of you that ride with your goggles and open-face helmet. 

One of the main features of the Specialized Ambush Comp is the breathability. The air flows smoothly over the head even at lower speeds. This is a fantastic design from Specailized that has trickled into a lot of the helmets. The fit is subjective though we found it to be generally very comfortable even on longer rides. This is largely down to the 360 degree wraparound fit system and the five-position adjustable cradle. Offering a unique, precise tuning on the tilt of the helmet and where the rear webbing sits. 


Minimal padding inside is disconcerting to begin with, though this doesn’t detract from the comfort of the helmet. The padding that is there does a fantastic job of absorbing the sweat and it easy to remove to wash and clean the inside of the helmet.


Specialized have done a fantastic job of designing the Specialized Ambush Comp to offer all the features of the original, at a lower price. The £85 lid is one of the best we’ve tried and is certainly fantastic value for money. With a £29 ANGi subscription included, we’re continually amazed this helmet is available at that price! 


  • 92%
    Performance - 92%
  • 94%
    Value - 94%
  • 92%
    Aesthetic - 92%
  • 87%
    Durability - 87%