Get a Grip on Tricky Corners

On any ride cornering is often one of the trickiest skills. It’s where most people will come unstuck and end up crashing or falling off. Hopefully with these top tips you’ll be able to handle the bike much better through the corners & keep yourself out of trouble. Making sure you stay smooth & relaxed […]

2017 UCI Road World Championships Courses

With the UCI 2017 Road World Championships starting yesterday, we thought we’d give you all a little update on what you can expect from the courses. The Championships are being held in Bergen, Norway, this is the second time the races have visited the country in its long history. With the last time being in […]

Osteopathy for Cyclists – Can it Help?

Dave Heath graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 1983 and subsequently completed a psychotherapy training to further his understanding of mind-body connections and the complexity of pain. Dave is a keen mountain bike rider and has worked with elite downhill and enduro riders. We’re thrilled to have Dave writing articles for us using […]

Specialized Enduro 2018 Range

It’s that time of year again, same day, same date & the 2018 Specialized Enduro Range is here. “Why mess with a good thing?” Specialized said. But where some would comfortably rest on their laurels, they aimed to keep evolving. Claiming that the result of the new Specialized Enduro is the most fun you’ll ever have […]