The New TacX Indoor Turbo Trainer Range


Virtual training has massively increased in popularity through the last couple of years. Easy to set up at home, a great excuse to ride with friends & avoid the weather. All you need is a good turbo trainer & a link through your phone/tablet or computer. This has led to a huge increase in turbo trainer sales. We stock the full range of TacX turbos, and we have to say, they’re fantastic.


If boredom on a turbo trainer is familiar then maybe you should consider a “Smart” trainer from Tacx, with a range of interactive films and training via the free App or software you can keep yourself entertained whilst pedalling away the winter blues. Though the basic turbo trainers are still great companions.

The Basic Range:

Starting at just over £100 in the form of the Blue Twist roller, this will accomodate anything up to 700W. Closely followed by the Blue Matic, these will offer varying resistances controlled by levers on your handlebars. They’ll be able to be connected to Zwift, TrainerRoad and the TacX cloud for you to store all of your data.


The next in the basic trainer range is the Blue Motion and the Booster. These both retail at around £200 and come with 10 different resistance variables. These will take a maximum of up to 1,050 watts, so you’re less likely to break them mid way through a hard Vo2 set. On these trainers you can achieve a high power output even at low pedalling frequencies.

Though quite noisy, they’ll both make a great turbo trainer for your indoor miles. They take the majority of bikes from race road bikes, tri-bikes & mountain bikes. Similar to the first two in the Blue trainer range, you don’t need a power source to use these turbo trainers.

The Smart Range:

Starting with the Satori, this trainer retails at £249.99 and is almost identical to the basic trainers. With the difference that the Satori will submit your data to be recorded. This TacX smart trainer can run off just two AA batteries meaning you have the flexibility to train anywhere.


The first of the interactive TacX smart trainers is the Flow smart. This comes with all the necessary features you need for a fully interactive indoor cycling experience. It runs off 110-240 Volt power source and again will fit most bikes. The max incline with the Flow smart is only 6% due to power restrictions of 800W. Though the accuracy is only around 5%, it would certainly do the job for anyone looking to start out in the smart trainer world.

Slightly ahead in the range is the Tacx Vortex trainer. With an extra 150W on the maximum limit and a 1% incline, we’re not entirely sure it’s worth the extra £110. It’s a great trainer, though you’d be better with a higher spec if you’re serious about taking your training to the next level.

At £550, you can get your hands on a Bushido or a Flux S. These are a fantastic pair of trainers that will do exactly what you want them to. The Flux S is a direct drive trainer. This means you take your wheel off the bike to use the turbo trainer. Reliable, accurate, quiet, strong and offering a good ride feel, this would suit any rider. The Bushido is a wheel-on trainer and comes with a max 15% gradient and 1400W power output. Marginally less accurate than the Flux S, though the extra incline will allow you to tackle anything!


An upgrade from the Flux S, the TacX Flux 2 is packed fall of all the features you’d want. Under 2.5% accuracy, 16% maximum incline and a 2000 Watt max. Easy connectivity, a quiet turnover and a direct drive. We’d recommend this for any riders at any level of indoor riding.

The top of the Tacx range comes in the form of the new Neo 2 smart trainer. This turbo is one of the best available turbo trainers and will leave you wanting nothing. Silent, smooth, powerful. Once you’ve tried this turbo you’ll never look back. Though the turbo comes with a steep price tag, you don’t have to look far to find someone to tell you it’s worth every penny. One of the brands best selling turbos, you’ll soon see why.

<1% accuracy, 25% max incline and a 2200 Watt power max, these are just the basic features. A built in cadence sensor, pedal stroke analysis and left/right power data are just the start. These are features we haven’t seen before in a turbo trainer. Completely still, you won’t get any movement out of the platform the turbo is built on. You’ll barely notice you’re indoors when you get set up on this TacX market leader!


All these turbos are available in our shop and can be ordered through our sales team. If you’re in the area you can even pop in for a demo of the TacX Neo. If you have any more specific questions don’t hesitate to get in touch!