Autumn has set in and winter is on the way. The days are short and the weather is bleak so it’s time to finally hang the summer gear up for the year and welcome back the winter wardrobe. For any cyclist or commuter, a jacket is one of the most important weapons in the arsenal. It’s always going to be your outer layer, keep the cafe stops best jersey clean & keeping the conditions out, whilst making you as visible as possible. The Altura Nightvision Evo 3 Waterproof Jacket was a long awaited item for the new winter season.

On the surface, the Altura Nightvision range appeals to commuters, roadies and mountain bikers alike. A jacket that can be used right through to the end of the year is always a bonus. Earlier in the year we had a look at some items from the 2016 Nightvision range, and the 2017 items are even better.


We tested the new Altura Nightvision Evo 3 Waterproof jacket, acclaimed to be the most visible in the range we tried it across a variety of disciplines. We were keen to see if we really could see it anywhere. With a price tag of £99.99 and currently retailing at £84.99, it’s by no means at the cheap end of the range.

Altura are renowned for making products that work. Function and performance are evidently high up the priority list in the top secret Altura design lab.



When it comes to buying new kit, aesthetics are very often first on the menu. How will it look out riding with friends, will it do the job? With large reflective panels on the back, front and sleeve, it would be very easy for Altura to have created a rather garish garment. Although these are well places to give the jacket a smart looking, two colour scheme. Appearing grey in the day time, and lighting up like Blackpool whenever it catches any light.

Available in four colours, black, yellow, blue & red, the jacket isn’t short of options to match your favourite bib tights. The jacket has a simple look about it, that appeals to the winter aesthetic. After all, chances are you’re riding a set of winter wheels, not hammering around on a new time trial bike.



Even if you ride an aggressive position there is plenty on the back in terms of visibility. Something we found lacking on the previous jacket. There’s a small rear light built into the jacket so you can emit light as well as reflect it. Although there isn’t much in the way of light the the reflections didn’t pick up. Even without street lighting the jacket lit up like a beacon – safety first.


As with most of the Altura range, this Nightvision jacket performs very well. It was warm to wear over the top of kit and kept the water out well. It was breathable although didn’t come with any rear pockets. Getting into your food/supplement pocket was made quite tricky with this outer layer on. But this could be the price you have to pay to stay dry & warm.

The fabric feels good quality from the moment you put the jacket on, which you’d expect with a price tag of £85. The waterproof holds it’s form and texture well after daily use & regular washing. Definitely something that appeals to the commuters out there, it won’t die out after week one on the gritty British tracks.




Incredibly visible, versatile and durable. We’d definitely recommend this jacket to riders that have visibility and safety at the top of the priority list. It’ll keep you warm & dry throughout the winter months until the sun finally peaks back through the evening clouds. Not the flashiest of jackets, and comes with a newly elevated price tag, but it’ll definitely be worth the investment in the long run.

  • 83%
    Value - 83%
  • 76%
    Aesthetic - 76%
  • 93%
    Performance - 93%