Endura MT500 Waterproof Suit 2019 Review


Endura have been getting it right for a number of years now. The Scottish brand, based in Livingston, certainly know a thing or two about waterproof kit. That maybe be a reflection of the weather up there. Along with a great roster of professional athletes to test the gear, from MTB legend Danny McAskill through to Ironman Hero Tim Don. The all new MT500 waterproof suit is certainly up to the usual high standards.

Following a merge with Pentland Brands not too long ago, it’s clear Endura benefited from the Berghaus technologies. And this reflects throughout the Endura products. They have a fully stocked MT500 range – and it’s been at the forefront of mountain bike gear for the past couple of years.

Winning multiple awards, everything from the helmet to the over trousers has been carefully designed to cater from the full range of MTB riders. Inspired by Danny McAskill – the premium features come at an affordable price for all riders, right through to the occasional weekend warrior.


With winter right around the corner, it won’t be long before the weather takes a heavy turn for the worst. You’ll be out on the trails in the dark, cold, wet weather. For many this is the worst time of the year. Forever cleaning your gear and going through copious amounts of kit, this Endura MT500 waterproof suit could be the answer.

The Features:

Endura claim that this “mountain bike onsie” is the next level or protection from the elements. It combines all the best features from their waterproof range into a highly waterproof yet breathable upper mixed into trousers. It’s got all the little, well thought out features that you’d want from a suit of this kind. Though you’d hardly expect anything less with a price tag of £399.99!


The suit has been specifically designed to keep the bulk to a minimum so that you don’t find it restrictive out on the trails. An ExoShell60™ 3-Layer waterproof fabric has been used to keep the durability high despite the lack of bulky material. The suit feels very light to wear and allows a lot of movement. Endura promise that even at higher intensities the sweat is wicked away leaving you remarkably dry & comfortable.

The upper leg panels are designed to stretch and move to really maximize mobility in the saddle. But there’s enough resilience and padding around the saddle area to give you the confidence to use the suit over and over. Plenty of ventilation zips let you open up where you need it and a silicone print will stop your backpack sliding around while you hammer down the trails.


Out on the Trials:

It doesn’t have to be fully covered, all the time. The lower leg of the suit easily zips off to turn the suit into shorts should the sun make an appearance from behind the clouds. Though this is definitely an item for the days you know there’ll be no respite from the elements.

We found that the suit really kept us comfortable for a long period of time. We didn’t get too clammy inside the suit and all the features worked incredibly well to keep the rain out. The legs were well tapered to keep them from catching on any moving parts, but there was enough coverage to not let any water in.


The fact the suit wasn’t connected at the front was great for movement and allowed us to make quick pit stops in the trail centre easy without having to bundle ourselves out of the suit like something in a ski resort. All of the pockets were well placed to hold our valuables throughout the ride keeping them out of trouble.


It’s no surprise that this suit comes packed with all the features we’ve seen across the top end of the Endura range. Comfortable, quality and reliable, we really liked riding in the suit from start to finish. If you can see past the price tag, then this is definitely worth considering for when you’re really battling the elements.


  • 78%
    Value - 78%
  • 94%
    Performance - 94%
  • 93%
    Durability - 93%
  • 81%
    Aesthetic - 81%