Specialized Launch new 2020 S-Works Roubaix – Photo Album


It absolutely flew around the Paris-Roubaix boasting a phenomenal 5 of the top 10 spots, as well as the win. The S-works Roubaix really is one of the best one day road bikes we’ve ever seen. It looks like a Tarmac, can be set up the same, but can attack the cobbles like a Roubaix.


You don’t have to look far to find the rich heritage of this bike. Six Paris-Roubaix wins, this champion bike now offers a smooth ride with no compromises. Despite a nod of the head to the all out race bikes we’ve seen launched earlier in the season, the Roubaix features new technology from specialized to unlock the varied terrain. The S-Works Roubaix still offers all the comfort you’d want with the added speed. If it’s defined as a ‘road’, the terrain is up to the job.

The Features:

A radical new Future Shock 2.0 that gives you more control and damping options, a new Pavé seatpost that creates our most balanced Roubaix to date, aerodynamics that equal the Tarmac, and a Rider-First Engineered™ frame that tips the scales below 900 grams. A product of pure, high end engineering, this bike has been designed with one job – to go fast.


The new and updated tube shapes have come out of the Specialized FreeFoil shape library, optimizing the shapes to offer the best all round option. Then sent to the Win tunnel to maximize the aerodynamics of the bike. Specialized claim the S-Works Roubaix is as aero as the Tarmac SL6. Data points from riders and the Retul fit information make the geometry a perfect fit. The bike is stiff, responsive but not overbearing, matched with room for up to 33mm tyres, there’s nothing it can’t do.

An all new S-Works Pavé seat post is the first compliant seat post that’s ALSO aerodynamic. And it doesn’t give the S-Works Roubaix any additional weight or finicky contraptions. Additional flex in the upper section combines with a new drop-clamp design to offer the perfect marriage of stiffness and balance. Smooth no matter how rough the surface.


The Future Shock 2.0. comes with an easy to use adjustment at the top of the stem. This changes the compression from fully-open to maximum stiffness while hydraulically damped internal controls the rebound. Reduced fatigue and increased speed when the going gets rough will have any one day rider sold. This new system also greatly improves the aesthetic of the S-works Roubaix.

Full Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 our World-Tour-level Roval CLX 50 carbon fibre wheels the all-new S-Works Pavé seat post and S-Works from head-to-toe on everything from the Power saddle to the 28mm Turbo Cotton tyres.


The Verdict:

This bike really is the next generation. We’re struggling to find too many bad things to say about it. Careful engineering mixes with a new aesthetic to create the perfect bike. There isn’t a lot the new S-Works Roubaix isn’t capable of. Designed for the pros, available for the normal, get your hands on one today and you’ll never look back!


  • 99%
    Performance - 99%
  • 88%
    Value - 88%
  • 96%
    Aesthetic - 96%
  • 98%
    Durability - 98%