Damian Schmitt in Bend, Oregon, USA
It’s that time of year, the days get shorter, the mornings get colder and there’s always a chance of rain on the horizon. It’s so easy to jump in the car and change your ride for a different form of commuting. We’ve compiled a list of what we think are the top reasons for you to be commuting into work by bike.
Ditch the public transport for life on two wheels. Shower in the office or local gym if you’re coming from far, otherwise a nice steady ride will wake you up in the morning! There is plenty of science that implies exercise in the morning improves concentration through the working day, but here are our main reasons for cycling.
1. Money

Transport is second only to food on our regular expense list. You’re going to save yourself a fair few pennies if you start commuting to work by bike. The bills you rack up on public transport and petrol soon start to add up. You can get yourself a bike on the cycle to work scheme along with some equipment ready to work & after that you’re set to go. There are no ongoing costs.

Your bike is far less likely to break than your car, & if it does it’s not an expensive job like your car can be. Having a little run around bike such as the Bad Boy 1 Urban bike will be amazingly cheap to run.
2. Your Health
A little bit of exercise each day can work wonders for your health. You’ll feel better about yourself and enjoy getting some fresh air in the morning. If you keep away from angry car drivers you’ll arrive stress free & ready to go for the morning.
Riding to work boosts the levels of happiness chemicals in your brain.¬†Serotonin, dopamine, and phenylethylamine will all increase if you cycle to work. Plus the added tan from riding in the summer & you’ll soon wish you’d never driven in the first place!
3. The Planet’s Health

Now more than ever environmental impact is coming to the forefront of importance. reducing your carbon footprint will help to save the planet for future generations. Spinning your legs around rather than pumping Co2 into the atmoshpere will begin to help make a change. Cycling 10km to & from work can save 1500kg of greenhouse gas emissions year on year.

Don’t put it off and expect everyone else to do it, you can make a difference today! Also by uploading your route to Strava, you can be helping city planners & infrastructure specialists analyze routes near you.

4. Speed

A lot of the time a bike is going to get you there quicker than a car, & certainly more consistently. You won’t get stuck in the same old traffic jam. You’ll be able to calculate exactly how long it’s going to take to get to work, meaning you can enjoy your morning routine a lot more & not spend 20 minutes sat at your desk before you’re meant to start. Although occasionally this isn’t such a bad thing to keep the boss happy!

5. Public Transport
Your bike won’t go on strike in the same way public transport will. Or run late/delayed like we often find on British transport. You won’t get crammed onto the train unable to budge an inch, the open space will be a welcomed change. You can instantly eliminate your rants at the transport system & steer well clear! Commuting quickly becomes a much calmer affair.
It’s a no brainer, save cash, save the planet & enjoy yourself while you’re at it. Get yourself into the shed, dust off the steed and get out on the bike tomorrow!