Specialized S-works Turbo Levo 2019 Electric Bike Review


Making a big impact mid way through 2018, the all new S-Works Turbo Levo really is head an shoulders above the rest. The top of the range e-bike has been a best seller from the Specialized brand for a couple of years – so we were all excited to see what updates had been made to keep this bike at the cutting edge of the market.

It has a carbon frame with a Sidearm design, like you’ll find on the new Stumpjumper, plus 150mm of Rx-tuned travel, a redesigned custom motor, a new 700 Wh battery, and a super long list other features that make it the ultimate trail bike—just with some extra oomph. The power to ride more trails is yours.


The new 2019 Levo is designed around 29in wheels with 26in tyres. Though the frame can accommodate 650b wheels with a 2.8in or 3in tyre. Specializd have attempted to give a grippier, more accute feeling out of the wheels through a better connection to the trail.

The S-Works Turbo Levo borrows the new sidearm of the stumpjumper which gives it much more control when the terrain gets rough. When the rear suspension is on you can really feel the reduction in the undamped frame movement.

Top Features:

The S-Works Turbo Levo FSR frame is constructed entirely of FACT 11m carbon fibre. This makes it incredibly stiff and responsive out on the trails, as well as massively reducing the weight of the bike. The design includes our 29 Trail Geometry that includes a low bottom bracket, lengthy top tube, and short chain stays.


The kinematics of the frame have also seen a lot of engineering to get them performing well beyond expectations this year, along with rider-tuned stiffness. Cable routing is all internal, including that of the Command Post IR. The battery is fully integrated in the down tube, while the minimalist motor is mounted in a more secure, lighter way.

The custom Specialized 2.1 Rx Trail-tuned motor is more efficient, 15% smaller, and 11% lighter than its predecessor. This successfully places it at the top of e-bike motor technology. It has many other features that no other e-bike can touch, like instant engagement, fantastic heat management, a double freewheel design that disengages the gear box when you hit top speed, and silent, smooth, and consistent output—even at max power.

This Turbo’s new Specialized M2-series battery features a 700Wh capacity, providing you with 40% more capacity and range, and even more power to ride more trails. It, of course, still seamlessly integrated inside the frame and is easily removable, too.

The Bike:

The Specialized Turbo Levo comes with an integrated multi tool in the fork steerer tube. So worrying about not having tools with you is a thing of the past! The bike comes with a Fox factory 36 E-bike specific fork and Roval traverse SL Carbon Wheels with a D.T. Star ratchet hub.


The new Turbo Levo certainly feels lighter than most e-bikes we’ve tried before. It feels less like you’re hauling a motorbike round, and more like a slightly heavier mtb. This is a great progression from previous editions where the bikes were definitely on the heavy side.

Power through the pedals certainly isn’t an issue on the bike – the motor is definitely on the punchy side. Even in eco mode there’s plenty of power delivered through the pedals – this is the mode we seemed to spend most of the time in.

In the more powerful modes there’s a slight under steer from the front wheel – meaning you may have to drop the handlebars slightly to get more weight over the front. This can also be the case on the climbs when the motor can cause you to almost pull a wheelie up the climb.


It can be easy to forget that this bike is an e-bike at all. It’s clear Specialized have designed a thorough bred mountain bike and spent a lot of time locking in the details that make that. The geometry is comfy enough to give you confidence but still responsive and nimble.

The Verdict:

One of the best electric bikes available on the market, you’ll barely notice it has a motor until you need it. Unlock new routes, more terrain and longer days in the saddle with the incredible S-Works Turbo Levo.


  • 98%
    Performance - 98%
  • 72%
    Value - 72%
  • 91%
    Durability - 91%
  • 93%
    Aesthetic - 93%