Catching up with James Briscoe

After a few months of hard racing, we thought it was finally time to have a quick catch up with one of our sponsored triathletes, James Briscoe. Below you can catch up with what he’s been up to over the last few months. — JAMES BRISCOE – A FAMILIAR FACE — We’ll get the big […]

Join the Pros on the 2018 Innsbruck UCI Road World Championship Course

Zwift have released plans to add the 2018 Innsbruck UCI Road World Championship Course to it’s virtual world. You’ll be able to ride and train on the same course that the pro’s will be hitting round in September. Zwift – the virtual training platform for indoor cycling will be sponsoring the Innsbruck-Tirol world championship. Similar […]

Road Bike vs Triathlon Bike

It’s that time of year when maybe you’ve just entered your first triathlon and you’re not quite sure what bike you should be riding. Or maybe you’ve done a few, and you’re wondering whether you should be riding a normal road bike with some clip on aero bars or a triathlon bike. In this article […]

How to Stay Hydrated on The Bike

Whether you’re training or racing, hydration is key to performance. Ensuring that you’re not wasting valuable time on the bike by dehydrating your body will lead to optimum results. Cramp, sickness, dizziness, a lack of power, can all be a cause of dehydration. Being hydrated is fundamental for your brain and muscles to work at […]