Giro’s Montaro and the Montara for women, have won a Design and Innovation Award in 2016 and are packed with safety and features we want to see in trail helmets. With MIPS system equipped you to know this is only the tip of the iceberg. Giro really haven’t skipped the design process when coming up with this helmet.


Giro Montaro/Montara isn’t like every other trail helmet we’ve seen breach the market, one of these key standout features is the MIPS system. Whilst most helmets have it built into them Giro has gone a step further and designed this helmet around the MIPS system. This means that it doesn’t impact on size or weight of the helmet and does not cause tightness you might feel in other MIPS equipped helmets, and safety really is at the forefront of the design.

For those long climbs, you don’t want a hot head the entire way Roc Loc® Air fit system boosts ventilation. This allows air to follow smoothly over the head and out the helmets exhaust. But to start with it already had 16 large vents (15 with the camera mount fitted).


If the ventilation isn’t enough for you the padding inside the helmet is Hydrophilic, “X static®” anti-microbial padding. giro claims it can absorb 10 times its weight in sweat and it takes a lot to make it smell. So once you’ve reached the top of the hill you will have sweat free eyes and will only smell of whatever you have ridden through.

A P.O.V. Plus™visor that is designed to allow you to lift the visor and place your goggles on the front of the helmet. Riders who wear sunglasses will find that the shell of the helmet avoids interfering with sunglasses arms, and goggle wearers will appreciate the wide range of the visor. Along with the grippy vents on the back that worked well to keep goggle straps from slipping.


Giro is one of the few companies keeping up with modern technology and realize a lot of us want to stick action cameras on our helmets, allowing us to catch our mate been chased by a bear on film. The Montaro comes with a lightweight mount that clips onto the outer shell. And once you have managed the fiddly bit it stays in place and fits “standard action camera mounts”.

The Montaro/Montara has an In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner and a Roll Cage™ reinforcement, this means that Giro isn’t cutting corners by just having MIPS this is a seriously tough helmet with loads of safety features that add very little weight. A lot of these features you won’t notice until you need or have experienced them and with MIPS there’s plenty of examples and statistics to back this up.


When it comes to fit the Montaro sits a little higher than the competition but doesn’t budge or feel insecure, with the only movement coming from the MIPS system. With a quick twist of the dial at the back making adjustments on the fly easy and manageable. with the padding despite being thin providing excellent comfort, maybe down to the added sweat. And coming further down the back of the head providing a better crash zone.

With the Montaro’s Bright colours and excellent safety features, this is a helmet meant to look good and do its job right. The camera mount, gripped vents for goggles and ease of use on the fly makes this a superb product and is packing a punch to the competition.



  • 78%
    Aesthetic - 78%
  • 81%
    Speed - 81%
  • 89%
    Safety - 89%
  • 85%
    Weight - 85%